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Master List of Fics...

I thought I would take the time to compile a list of my fics in one place.  Mainly, for my own benifit but maybe it will be helpful to those of you that may want to go back and read some bits here and there.  I'm going to put them in order of pairings as much as possible.  If it's a series of stories, I will be putting those together as well as in with pairings.  I will also try to keep subject matter together as well.  Please remember that most of my fics are PG-13 to NC-17, either due to sexual content or subject matter.  We'll see how it goes.  So....here it is and thanks to everyone who reads and comments.  Muah! (Last updated on 7-24-11)

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The Search - Part 3/Epilogue

Almost thirteen years to the day, Adam and Kris found their way into the meadow, where Adam had asked the Unicorn for a tail hair. They sat down to wait with their son, Shamish, who turned thirteen today and their daughter, Lilith, who would soon be turning six. Both children understood the need to sit still, to be quiet, and to wait.

Sometime later, Adam shook his daughter awake as the Unicorn walked toward them. He smiled as she took a sharp intake of breath. She hadn’t really believed him, but she most certainly did now.

“I see you kept your promise and then some Wizard.”

Adam stood, pulling his son up with him and bowed. “Yes Sir, this is Shamish.” He pushed his son forward and waved for Kris and Lilith to come over. “This is my daughter, Lilith,” pulling Kris close, “and this is why I asked for your help thirteen years ago.”

“I am pleased to meet you all.” The Unicorn bowed his head to them as a smaller one trotted over. “May I speak with you, young Shamish? And Lilith, would you like to play with my grand-daughter, Astar?”

The six year old girl squealed with glee as she raced across the meadow with the smaller Unicorn.

Adam held Kris close as they watched the elder Unicorn lead their son to the center of the meadow. He thought about how blessed he was to have him, how brave Kris had been to go seeking for what he wanted for them.

And then he thought about how they came to have Lilith and the year they had spent with the dragon so they could have her. He thought of all he had learned from Ormr, all his son was going to be capable of, and the joy having a family had brought Kris and him.

But that’s a story for a different time.

A/N II: Thanks to my sister for the proof read. Also, I just want to say that I wish there was a way to magic a child for same sex couples. I have friends who would love to have child and the struggle they are going through makes me sad. This is for all of the couples who want children and haven’t found their own magic to make it happen yet.

The Search - Part 2

He stood at the top of the mountain feeling more accomplished than he had when he passed his last magical test that gave him his robes. He could see far into the distance from this height, could even see the small village he lived in far away. He smiled to himself and spun around laughing out loud.

“I did it! This is for you Kristopher! I’m coming to find you soon baby! Really soon!”

He sat down on the highest point of the mountain to wait. Tommy had not been wrong about the Unicorns; he wouldn’t be wrong about the Pegasus either. He thought of Kristopher and where he was, what he was doing, and why he hadn’t come home. He knew that Kris loved him, he knew it as well as he knew the magic that flowed through his veins. He also knew that he had hurt Kristopher that last night, hurt him enough to go off alone looking for a way to get what he wanted for them. He should have been with him. Had he done what he should have, he and Kris would have left that next morning together to find a way, a for them to be a real family, because that’s really all Kris had wanted, for them to be complete. To Kris that meant children and if he was honest with himself, he wanted that as much as Kristopher did, wanted it deep down where he hid the things he thought he couldn’t have. He should have told Kris that, he should have let him know how much it hurt him too instead of making Kris feel as if he was all alone; instead of ignoring his lover’s tears.

He wiped away the tears that leaked down his face and smiled through them. He would get another chance, he would; he would have it no other way.

“Why do you cry tears and smile at the same time human?”

There in front of him landed the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. It stood a foot taller than him as he lifted to his feet, sleek black, so black it looked almost iridescent. Its wing span had to be at least twelve feet. It wasn’t often that he was struck speechless, but this was one of those times.

“Do you not speak?” The Pegasus asked him.

“I’m speechless.” He rubbed his eyes. “I’m Adam.” He bowed, albeit late. “I have a request to ask of you sir.”

The Pegasus laughed, “I would think so, otherwise, why would you be up here on this mountain crying and smiling?”

“I’ve lost something, something very important to me and I need to find it, to find him. My lover, he’s been gone for six months now and I have to find him, to make sure he’s okay, that he’s not hurt.”

“It took you six months to look for him? You must not care very much if you waited all this time.”

Adam shook his head sadly, “That’s not the reason. You see, I have this spell book that’s very advanced and it turns its own pages each day to the spell that I’m allowed to try next. I open it and it turns and so therefore, it’s taken this long for the book to turn to the spell I need to locate my love.”

The Pegasus looked at him and snorted. “You expect me to believe that story.”

Adam bowed his head and rubbed the tears from his eyes. If he couldn’t find a way to get this creature to believe him, angel’s blood or not, there was no location spell, no finding Kristopher. “It’s the truth.” He said simply with defeat. “I can tell you about him if you like. I can tell you how I feel when he holds me close, how my heart skips a beat every time he smiles, how I can’t keep my hands off of him when we are alone. I could tell you he’s the best part of me and that without him, I will surely die. I can tell you he’s more important to me than anything, more important even than my magic, for as hard as it would be, I could live without the pulse of that energy running through me, I cannot, I simply will not live without Kristopher. He’s all that’s good in my world; all that I’ve ever wanted and needed.” He looked up at the creature and didn’t bother to wipe away his tears this time. “I could say all of that a more, but that doesn’t mean that you would believe me anymore than you do now. I can only say it’s the truth.” He sat back down on the rock he had been sitting on before and sighed, waiting again for the Pegasus to give him his verdict.

He dropped his arms to his knees and put his head in his hands and gave way to his grief for the first time in six months. He cried for how he had treated Kris that night, he cried for the loneliness that kept tugging at this heart and he cried for the future that had looked so bright and now might not be. He cried until he felt a swift wind. He lifted his eyes and saw as the Pegasus leaped into the air, leaving behind one long black feather. He cried even harder then, as he reached down and picked it up, storing it inside his robes with the Unicorn tail hair.

“Use it wisely Wizard!” was the last thing he heard before the majestic being was out of sight.


It took him the rest of the day to get off the mountain and make his way back to the Hermit’s hut. The sun was nearing its setting and he was tired and hungry. He hoped that he found the reclusive man home and maybe Tommy would be there so that he could tell him thank you for his help, even if he did desert him there at the end.

He placed his hand on the door and chanted the friendship spell. The door swung open wide and out came Salish with a grin.

“Been waitin’ on ye laddie! What took ye so long? Pegasus give thee a problem did he?”

Adam smiled at him and pulled him into a hug, even though he knew that that old one liked his privacy, that didn’t mean he didn’t need human contact from time to time. “No Salish, nothing like that. I came here first, as you know, but you weren’t home and so Tommy helped me out. He took me to the Unicorns first and then showed me mostly up the mountain to where the Pegasus was. I have to say that, at first, I didn’t know if the Pegasus was going to give me a feather. Is Tommy here? I would like to properly thank him for all of his help.”

Salish gave him a crazy look. “I don’t be knowing any Tommy laddie. Are ye sure he was here?”

He nodded his head to the affirmative. “Yes, he was right there once I saw you weren’t at home.” He pointed at the rock. “He’s a pixie, about five foot tall, blonde hair, dark brown eyes, kohl lined?”

Salish shook his head again. “I don’t think I’ve seen a pixie out here in years, laddie. Are ye sure ye aren’t mistaken?”

“No, old one, I know a pixie when I see one.” He was confused, he knew that Tommy had told him he was friends with Salish. “He said he was your friend Salish. I don’t understand.”

The old Hermit nodded. “Aye, it’s a conundrum fer sure, laddie. But never mind that now. Let’s get ye fed and rested, so ye can be on yer way.” Salish led him inside and told him to have a seat at the small table.

They talked until it was late and then Salish showed Adam to his bed. He fell asleep almost immediately and dreamed again about the strange winged creature.

When he woke the next morning Salish was gone but had left him a note. ‘Gone looking for wormwood. Was good seeing ye.’

He couldn’t help but smile at the old man’s antics, anything to get out of a good bye hug. He left Salish a thank you note and then closed the door shut behind him. As he walked the worn path through the woods back to town, he couldn’t help but wonder about the pixie. He knew that Tommy had been real, he just couldn’t figure out why the pixie would tell him he was friends with the Hermit and then Salish not knowing him.

“Strange,” he said out loud as he continued on his way home.

In less than an hour, he found himself back at home safe and sound. And all alone again. He wandered into his room filled with all of his and Kris’s things except for the few items Kris had taken with him. He had no idea what would keep his lover from him for so long and still didn’t know how he was going to find his last spell component. He itched to use his magic but knew he would need to be a full power to cast the spell accordingly and didn’t want to waste one tiny speck of it until he had the angel’s blood tucked safely away in his robes. He sighed and left the room, wandering instead into his magic study. This was where he had spent all of his time since Kristopher had left.

Kristopher had left.

He stopped going through the less powerful tome at his desk and sat back in his chair.

Kristopher had left him.

For six months, he had known this, had lived with his lover’s absence all this time, but never once had he thought about the fact that perhaps Kris no longer wanted to be with him and that’s why his lover hadn’t returned. Maybe he had found another. Maybe he had pushed Kristopher too hard that last night. Maybe, just maybe, Kris had found that family with someone else.

Tears stung his eyes as he thought about what that could really mean.

Kristopher had left him. Kristopher may not be coming back.

He tried to pull himself out of his morose thoughts but found that he couldn’t. He was so close, so very close, one component away. He couldn’t give up now. He couldn’t think that he would never hold his love again. But the darkness in him rose up to fight back against the love he knew he and Kris shared. Letting himself go, he fell onto his desk and cried himself to sleep.


The winged being sat on the corner of the desk, petting the man’s dark hair.

“Such a pretty, pretty man to be so very sad.” The being whispered. “I could help you, but I’m not sure that would really be what you need, dear Wizard.”

The being pet the dark hair some more until the man stirred and moaned out a name.

“Even in your pain and darkness you call to him. True love it must be.”

With a swish and a stir of air, another winged being appeared. “Are you going to help him?” The second being asked in a soft voice so as not to wake the human.

The first being continued to pet the man’s hair, soothing him while he dreamed of his lost love. “I believe I will.”

“You believe him then? That he only wants the blood to locate his lover and not for summoning? Because if you’re wrong…”

“I do believe him. I can find nor have I found, no malice in his heart. Even now, he cries out in his dreams for his love. He will have his drop of blood.”

The second being shook her head sadly, “I hope that you are right in your assumptions, Thomas, or our Lord will not be so forgiving.” With a flourish of wing and wind, the second being was gone.


Adam woke the next morning with a stiff neck and tear crusted eyes. He moved through the house like a ghost, wandering from room to room but never seeing anything. He found himself at Kris’ clothes and pulled one of Kris’s favorite shirts to his nose hoping that he would catch his lover’s scent. However, all he smelled was the soap the shirt had been cleaned with at its last washing.

And then it hit him.

Kristopher had not taken his favorite shirt. He had left it hanging with the rest of his clothes like a note that said ‘I’m coming back’ and that’s when Adam knew. His lover hadn’t left him.

Kristopher was coming home to him.

He busied himself with house chores while he considered how he would obtain his last spell component. He was more determined than ever to find a way back to his life, back to his love.

He went to bed that night with hope in his heart.


Tommy was sitting at his kitchen table when he went into his kitchen the next morning.

“Hi!” The pixie waved at him with a grin.

He nearly hit his head on one of the cabinets. “Tommy! Where have you been? You left me on that mountain alone!”

The pixie just grinned. “No I didn’t. I left you on that mountain with a Pegasus. Which is what you wanted.”

He didn’t know if he wanted to strangle the strange pixie or hug him for all the help he had gotten from Tommy. He opted for thanking the pixie instead. “Thank you for all of your help.”

Tommy smiled brightly at him. “You’re welcome. I came to help you some more. You need one more thing for your little spell, don’t you?”

He sat down at the table across from Tommy. “I do. Do you know an angel or where I might find one?”

Tommy only nodded and didn’t speak. In fact, Tommy hadn’t been talking like his normal self.

“Why aren’t you talking a mile a minute anymore?”

“No need at the moment. Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are we going now?” He gathered provisions for three days as the pixie practically flew out the door. “Hey, wait on me!” He rushed out the door and ran into a wall of wiry muscle. “Oomph! What the…” There standing before him was an angel. He dropped his provisions and stood with his mouth hanging open.

“This is who I really am, Wizard.”

Adam was dumb struck. “T-tommy?”

“My name is actually Thomas, but my friends call me Tommy. I hope we are friends Adam.”

He had no idea what to say. Tommy wasn’t a pixie, he was an angel. “You tricked me, I thought you were a pixie.”

“I had to know, Adam, that what you said matched your heart. You must understand. For hundreds and hundreds of years, wizards have sought out our blood to summon horrors. I had to make sure you were not such a wizard.”

“And what have you decided, Angel?”

“Go fetch a vial for your drop of blood, Wizard.”

He couldn’t get to his magic room fast enough. He knocked his potions over in his haste but found a vial and returned outside and held it up to Tommy. “How will I ever repay you for this, Tommy?”

Tommy smiled at him as he cut his finger, placing the drop of precious blood inside the vial and handed it back to him. “Keep it safe until it’s used, Adam, and may your love return to you.”

Dust flew up all around him and Tommy was gone.

He found himself in his magic study without really knowing how he came to be there. He looked at the spell and started putting it to memory now that he had everything he needed to cast it. Kristopher would soon be home where he belonged.


It had taken him three long days to commit the spell to memory without use of the book, three days where he went to bed exhausted each night, dreaming of Kristopher in his arms. Now he was ready.

He stood outside under the full moon, the spell just waiting on the tip of his tongue, all the components placed on the makeshift table in front of him as the fire burned beside him. Slowly, one by one, the items were thrown into the ceremonial fire as he chanted the words to the spell. Soon there was only one component left, the precious drop of blood given to him by his friend. He opened the vial and dropped the blood into the fire that had consumed all the others.

“So mote it be.”

The fire turned white hot, then blue and finally back to red and orange. He knew the spell had taken.

He knew this night, he would dream of where his lover was and then he was going to get him.


He woke to find himself in a tunneled cave. He could see light ahead and followed it through the dimness. He rounded a turn in the tunnel and gasped at the sight before him. There were piles of gold, gems, rare cloth as well as weapons made from silver, their hilts embedded with gems. He walked through the towering mounds of riches in awe of so much wealth in one place. ‘What is my Kristopher doing here?’

He had no more thought the name and there he was, sitting at a desk of fine wood, embossed in gold and he was talking to a dragon of immense size.

“How much longer must I stay Ormr? I have a need to be home with my love. I miss him so very much.”

A hissing, growling voice answered, “You want your prize, don’t you?”

He watched Kris hang his head, “You know that I do.”

“Stay one more month with me human and I will release you with your wish in tow.”

Kris sighed but nodded his acquiescence to the request. “But only one more, I have been gone far too long, Adam will come looking for me. Prize or no, I must return to him.”

“He is already here in spirit.”

Kris looked around as Adam reached out to him but the vision was fading and then it was gone.

Adam woke knowing the way to the hidden cave.


It’s a hard thing knowing where your love is and waiting. But that’s what he did, he waited. One more month, the dragon had said. One more month and Kris would come home with whatever this prize was. You would think after half of a year, four weeks would be nothing, but it was painful and terrible and hard. He had decided the morning he woke after the spell to wait. If Kristopher didn’t come home by week number five, he was going after him, dragon, bargain, or no.

The first week went by relatively fast. He stayed busy working his spells, doing healings for the villagers, putting spells to memory, and tidying up the house for when Kris got home. He cleaned from top to bottom. He cleared out his herb gardens. He cast spells over his magical plants. He visited the old Wizard in town.

The second week went by slower than the first. He didn’t have the house chores to distract him. He had cleaned everything the week before. He became bored with all of his studies and found himself daydreaming of making love to Kristopher more and more. He woke hard each morning from his erotic dreams. He paced. He cursed. And finally he delved into his potions, making up stock, for when someone needed a fire potion or a water breathing potion. It kept him busy during the day.

The third week almost killed him. He thought of nothing other than Kristopher, whether asleep or awake. It came to the point where he almost packed his bag and took off after him, but he talked himself down. He had this week and no more than two after, then he would go if his lover didn’t come home. His dreams at night became more erotic and involved, down to the smallest detail of tasting the sweat on Kris’ neck, of how it felt to slide into him and the feel of Kris’ lips against his own.

If the third week almost killed him, the fourth week was nothing but pure torture. Logically, he knew that he only had one more week but it was that knowledge that kept taunting him. ‘What if Kris doesn’t come home by the end of the fifth week?’ Thoughts of the dragon keeping Kris forever invaded his mind, thoughts of Kris not wanting to come home. He tried his best to stay occupied. He went to see Salish and talked with him about herbal preparations. He went to see the old Wizard in town again. He read his spell book each day and committed each new spell it turned to to memory. But each night, when he lay down, the worry and doubt creeped in. Maybe he should have gone after Kris right away. He went to sleep exhausted and woke up even more exhausted each morning, dreams of his lover tormenting him.

By the fifth week, he looked like he hadn't eaten nor slept in days. He realized that if he had to go after his lover, he was going to have to find a way to rest and eat. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have the energy. So he pulled himself together, started looking after himself better and began resting. He spent the mornings in his magical and herbal gardens. He spent each afternoon in his magic study, going over his potions and spells. Kris was never far from his mind but it kept him occupied and kept him focused.

On the fifth day of the fifth week, company came to visit. Kristopher still hadn’t come home but Tommy dropped in for a hello. He was in his pixie disguise and therefore fit better in the chairs around the small table in the kitchen.

“So, you didn’t go after your lover?”

Adam shook his head sadly. “No, but now I wish I had. I heard him say in the vision I had when I did the spell that he would be coming home in four weeks. It’s been almost five and I’m really anxious and tired of waiting on him to come on his own.”

Tommy assessed him with his look. “Then why did you wait?”

Shrugging, Adam said, “I thought it would be better if he came home to me on his own time frame and not because I went after him.” He smiled fondly, “He can be a bit stubborn at times.”

Tommy chuckled. “Well, I’ll be going now. Duty to uphold and all.”

He thanked the angel again for all of his help and hugged him tightly before he leapt into the air, taking flight. He stood there and watched until he couldn’t see Tommy anymore. He was just about to go in when…

“Who in the hell was that you hugged? And what the hell was he doing in our home with you?” Kris stood with a pack on his back, his hands on his hips and a scowl on his face.

For a moment, Adam thought Kris might not be real.


Kris continued his scowl. “Are you going to answer me or ignore my questions?”

Adam couldn’t help himself, he broke down at started laughing and crying at the same time. He ran to his lover and wrapped his arms around him; as much as he could with the pack on Kris’ back. “Oh my god, it is you! I’ve missed you so much, Kristopher, so very, very much.” And then he kissed him, he licked his way into his mouth and rubbed his tongue against Kris’. He re-learned the feel of Kris’ lips and mapped out all the ridges in his mouth once again. He only pulled back to take a breath, his hands on each side of Kris’ face. He slid them down to Kris’ shoulders and grasped them tight. He began shaking his lover. “Don’t you ever do that to me again!”

Kris put his hands up the push at him. “Adam, no, listen…”

But he was angry now, and shook Kris a little harder. “I can’t believe you left like that and didn’t even leave me a note!”

“Adam, Adam! Calm down, stop…”

He was happy and angry and just grabbed him and kissed him again, a hot press of lips and tongues, tears running down his face, when he heard it. He pulled back, his hands still clutched on Kris’ shoulders. “Was that…what was that?” It couldn’t be what he thought it sounded like. He let go of his lover and took a step back. “What is that, Kris?”

“That’s what I was trying to tell you to stop for.” Kris slid the pack from his shoulders and sat it on the ground slowly. Giving Adam a look of apprehension, Kris unbuckled the top of the pack and the cries became louder. Kris reached in and took out the bundle. He stood and handed it to Adam. “Say hello to your son.”

Astounded was an understatement to how Adam felt as he took the crying bundle from his lover. He pulled the swaddling back to look at the tiny child’s face, its cries becoming louder in volume. He put his finger down to the small hand and it was grasped with strength as the babe continued to vent his frustration. The coppery hair was revealed as the covering moved while the bundle squirmed in his father’s arms.

“He has your lungs.” Kris chuckled, tears in his own eyes as he watched their child with Adam.

“How?” It was a reasonable question, but he could only manage the one word.

“I wanted,” Kris choked up, “I-I know that you’re mad at me for being gone so long and not telling you where I was going. But I knew there had to be a way for us to have a child. I came across a man, and he told a fantastical tale of a dragon living in this series of tunnels and caves. I found them, found the dragon and struck a bargain. I would keep the dragon company for three months and he would magik us a child. But at the end of the three months, he wanted three more.” Kris looked up at Adam. “I couldn’t say no, our want, my want, for a real family was within my reach. He would have asked for more but I missed you and I told him that I wouldn’t stay past seven months, child or not.”

He tried to process everything that Kris had just told him. It made sense with the vision he had during his spell work. But there was one thing he didn’t understand. “You said he was my son, our son?”

Kris’s smile would have rivaled the sun at that moment. “Yes, Ormr, that’s the dragon’s name, he took my essence and yours and made our child.”

Adam started crying without holding back then, lifting the babe to his chest. “What’s his name?”

Kris hugged his lover and child together. “He doesn’t have a name yet. I wanted us to name him together.”

Adam fell to his knees, ever careful of the child, Kris sitting beside him. “I will never be able to thank you enough…”

“Sshhh…” Kris whispered, kissing Adam on the cheek and wiping away his tears. “We’re together now and it’s time to feed our son.”

Part 3

The Search - Part 1

Title: The Search

Pairing: Adam/Kris, Adam/Tommy (friendship only)

Type: AU/Fantasy

Author: wizardesslyn

Proof Reader: ironsan369

Rating: PG to R

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story written as fiction. No disrespect intended.

Word Count: 8900

Summary: Adam has waited until he’s able to see the components of a very special spell he needs to cast to find his lost love. He’s helped along the way by many fantastical creatures. Will his quest lead him to his lover or will he be consumed by the despair lurking inside him?

A/N: Written for mhobbs0430’s birthday. Happy day, Molly!

the search

The match flared to life as the smell of sulfur filled the air. He lit the white candle and shook the small wooden stick to dowse the flame. He bowed his head, sending a small thought of thankfulness out and then turned to open the book. Pages fluttered and turned quickly without his touch and stopped just as suddenly as it had started on a page written all in red.   He opened his eyes and looked down at the page the book had stopped at…finding a lost lovewas written at the top of the page. He sighed and looked at the components of the spell to see what he would need.

It had been six months since his lover disappeared, six months since he had kissed him, touched him, loved him. Six long months since he had seen his Kristopher and in that six months, each morning he had opened the book and each morning he was disappointed when the page he wanted didn’t appear. Oh, it’s true that he could have forced it; he could have turned to the pages himself and ignored the direction given to him each day, but he knew better. He knew to get what he needed, what he wanted, he had to follow the book’s lead. And now, here he stood looking down at the desired page after all this time.

He looked around his room quickly to see what components he had, what he would need to buy and what he would have to go hunting for. The spell was complicated and some of the items were hard to find. He wouldn’t give up though, this was what he had been waiting for. Now, perhaps, he could find his lover, know what had happened and why he hadn’t come home.

He quickly made a list of the components that he didn’t have while he gathered those he did and placed them by the book. Looking over his list, he knew that all but two of the items could be found in the local magical Shoppe. The last two, those might be harder to find but he might get lucky if he looked up the local hermit. He knew that solitary man knew every plant in the wood and where to find it; the hermit knew every creature as well. He smiled with renewed hope.


He opened the door and smoke instantly filled his eyes. He blinked his blue eyes quickly and went directly to the shoppe owner standing at the counter.

“I need powered diamond dust and hair of a Unicorn’s tail.”

The old Wizard who ran the shoppe looked up and smiled at him. “Adam, so nice to see you. What was that you needed again?” The old man leaned closer to hear well.

He smiled indulgently despite his need to hurry. “Diamond dust and hair from a Unicorn’s tail.”

“Humph…let me see…” The old man tittered around and looked on his top shelves. “Ah, yes, diamond dust.” He pulled the vial down, slid it into his robes and continued to look for the other item whilst mumbling to himself.

While the old Wizard looked for the Unicorn’s tail hair, Adam quickly gathered the other items on his list that were placed around the shoppe. That only left the hair and the two other items that he knew would be harder to come by.

“Yes…” The old man pulled a box down and placed it on the counter. “Here we are, Unicorn hair.”

Adam smiled at him and waited, hoping that the tail hair would be in the box.

The Wizard popped up the top of the box. “Oh dear.”

Adam sighed as he saw the box was empty. “It’s alright, Farsi. I don’t suppose you have a Pegasus feather or a drop of pure angel’s blood do you?”

The old Wizard met his eyes. “No, I’m sorry, but I have neither of those.” He gave Adam a hard look. “What spell are you working boy, that you need the blood of an angel?”

Adam fidgeted around, knowing what the old man must think. “Nothing bad, sir, I promise. But I must have them for the location spell I am working.”

Farsi looked at him, looked through him and then nodded. “Have you tried Salish yet?”

Adam shook his head. “I assumed I would have to find the Hermit since these two items aren’t readily available.”

Farsi coughed out a dry laugh. “For good reason for the one, boy.”

Adam wrung his hands. “I know, sir. I have no intentions of summoning, I just need to locate someone.”

The old Wizard nodded again. “I believe you son, but be careful who you ask about that angel blood business, it makes most wary.”

Adam knew all this but affirmed he would do so as he paid the old wizard for the diamond dust. As he left the shoppe, he heard the old man whisper a blessing spell for protection. He couldn’t help but smile. Farsi had always looked over him since he had come into his power.


The trek to Salish’s home was longer than he remembered. He tried not to be frustrated at the lack of having the Unicorn’s tail hair and the fact he now needed three components instead of just the two. No doubt the Hermit would have a hair he could bargain for, if he could find the man.

The small hut came into view but looked as if no one was home. He sighed and hoped that wasn’t the case. Salish often was home without a fire burning, so he tried not to be disheartened.

Standing at the door, he placed his hand on it and spoke the words of the well-known friendship spell. The door swung open with a small creak. He poked his head in and saw that, indeed, no one was inside. He spoke just to make sure. “Hermit? Salish, its Adam, come to see you.”

“He’s not here you know?” A voice said from behind him.

He jumped and spun around. There, standing on a rock was a pixie.

“Salish is out in the woods, like he is most days. He should be home this evening if you want to wait on him.”

It had been a long time since he had seen a pixie. He had been convinced they were almost gone, yet here stood a little blonde one with dark lined brown eyes. The little guy held out his hand. “My name is Tommy and you’re the Wizard Adam.”

He shook hands with Tommy, looking him over. He was about five foot tall and really cute. “Do you live here?” He asked, not knowing what else to say to the pretty little pixie.

Tommy laughed, “I suppose you could call it that. I’m a wood Pixie, so technically I live here, yes.” The pixie cocked his head to the side. “You’re really pretty. Are you taken?” Tommy batted his lashes at Adam.

“Um, yes, actually, I am. That’s part of why I’m looking for the hermit. I need to see if he has any of the missing components I need for a spell.”

The pixie mumbled under his breath, “The pretty ones are always taken.” Then to Adam he said, “What are you looking for? I may be able to help you out since the hermit isn’t going to be here for a while.”

He thought about for a minute before deciding that the pixie couldn’t really do him any harm. “I need a hair from a Unicorn’s tail, a feather of a Pegasus, and a drop of pure angel’s blood. I’m trying to locate something.” He said quickly, “I’m not trying to summon anything.”

Tommy looked into his eyes, and for a moment, he thought he was falling. The pixie smiled at him then and started talking rapidly. “Well, you’re in luck. I happen to be friends with all those creatures and I know where two of them live. Those should be simple to get. My angel friend, however, won’t give up his blood for just no reason and I’m not sure where he’s at anyway, him being an angel and all, he’s always traveling about. Now if you’re ready, I can take you to the Unicorn first and to the Pegasus second. I’ll do my best to get in touch with my angel buddy, but you know how they are…”

He just looked at the pixie with blinking eyes, trying to keep up with the rapid fire speech.

“…never know when they will come back down to earth and all. Like, they are so flighty. Ha! I made a funny! Flighty! Hee! Anyway, just follow me and we’ll get you squared away before you know it. It’s not that far really just a few miles to where this one family of Unicorns live. They are so fabulous, don’t you think? Every time I see one, I think to myself, ‘Tommy, how can something so pretty…”

Adam couldn’t keep track of all the pixie was saying but he did follow behind him as he led him through the forest. He noticed that the forest seem to be thicker here, the tree’s taller and the undergrowth more dense. There was an energy running through the forest here that he didn’t feel earlier when he was at the Hermit’s hut, this seemed stronger and almost vibrated up through his feet. He interrupted Tommy’s constant chatter to ask, “Why does the forest feel so much stronger here?”

The pixie smiled, “Oh, that’s because we’re getting close to where the most magical creatures live. The closer we get to them, the stronger the forest magic is. After all, these beings are nothing but magic, it can’t help but bleed over into the land and others that live here. Have you ever seen a centaur? They are huge, man. Like, almost seven feet tall and usually really yummy to look at. Well, the man looking parts are anyway. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have…”

Adam had gotten his answer and tuned out the pixie again while he tried connecting to the energy of the forest around him. Once he grounded and opened himself up, the energy that flowed into him almost knocked him off his feet. He took a quick intake of breath and let it out slowly. He had never felt so much power flow through his body and it made him almost drunk and a little giddy.

“Pixie, do you ever stop talking?” Adam asked with a giggle.

Tommy turned around, walking backwards, “Not really. Is it getting on your nerves? I really like to talk but there isn’t a whole lot of people to talk with, you know? Most of the creatures who live here don’t really like to talk, so when I run across a human, I find myself talking all the time. I can’t seem to help myself but I can try to stop if you really want me to. I mean, I know we just met but I hope you will be my friend. I like having friends. I have friends everywhere. I get to meet so many interesting creatures and people from time to time and I like staying in touch with them. You know how it is…”

He just shook his head and tuned out Tommy again and listened to the forest instead. He could hear the magic in the trees, it was like singing. He stopped and listened to the sound for a moment, his eyes closed, a slight smile on his full lips. The music grew louder and louder still, until his lips parted in a happy sound he couldn’t help but letting out.

“Aren’t you coming?”

He snapped his mouth shut and his eyes open, looking down at the pixie in front of him. “I wasn’t listening to the forest song.”

Tommy nodding knowingly. “Pretty isn’t it? It’s not much farther now. Just past those large trees there.” The pixie pointed up ahead. “We should find them there.”

Adam looked and saw the trees that Tommy spoke of. He was glad the pixie knew where there were Unicorns and a Pegasus but he had very tired ears.

Soon, they cleared the tall trees that opened up into one of the loveliest meadows he had ever seen. There were all kinds of different flowers growing there, along with some rare and almost extinct plants. He could see a Unicorn family living here.

Tommy sat down in the middle of the meadow.

“What are you doing?”

The pixie blinked up at him. “For a wizard, you don’t know much about Unicorns do you? If you don’t sit down and be quiet, they won’t show themselves.” Tommy laid back and promptly went to sleep.

He couldn’t help but laugh at the energetic pixie; never a dull moment with him around. He found a spot at the edge of the meadow and leaned up against a tree trunk, he settled in to wait. He closed his eyes and listened to the song of the meadow and forest mingle together. He must have drifted to sleep because suddenly Tommy was shaking him.

“Wizard, wake up!”

Blinking his eyes open, he glared at the pixie as the creature turned his head while he pointed. Eyes wide, he held his breath as he spied what had Tommy beside himself.

“See! Didn’t I tell you?” Tommy’s kohl lined pixie eyes looked even bigger as the largest Unicorn came toward them.

The Unicorn stopped in front of them and bowed his head. When he lifted it up, he looked them both over, then settled on Adam. “What is it you seek Wizard?”

Adam slowly unfolded his tall frame and stood, bowing to the Unicorn. “I have a request to ask of you Sir.”

The Unicorn snorted. “I know what you want. I asked what you seek!”

He thought quickly and then said simply, “Love.”

“Then you may take what it is you came for, Wizard.” The Unicorn turned and presented his tail to Adam.

With shaking hands, he plucked one long tail hair and tucked it into his robes. “How shall I repay you for this gift, Sir?”

The Unicorn turned to look at him again. “Bring your first born here on the day he turns 13 to see me.”

He opened his mouth to explain bitterly there would be no children, first born or otherwise, and the Unicorn stomped.

“I know things you do not yet know, Wizard; you must trust me on this. I’ll have your promise now.”

He shook his head, but far be it from him to argue with a Unicorn. “I promise to bring my firstborn here to see you on his thirteenth birthday. I swear it by my magic.” He couldn’t help but feel a little resentful for making a promise that would never come to pass.

The Unicorn bowed his head and trotted back to his family, disappearing into the meadow before Adam’s eyes.


Tommy had not stopped talking since they had left the meadow. He tried his best to tune the talkative pixie out. As he looked around he noticed that the forest was thinning and the terrain was getting a slight incline to it.

“We aren’t going back to the hermit’s hut?”

The pixie looked around at him smiling, “Oh no, we’re going to find my Pegasus friend so you can get your feather. You know that they live up high, so we have to go high.”

Adam couldn’t argue with that logic but he was really hungry and needed to stop to eat. “Aren’t you hungry?”

Tommy stopped and smiled. “Sorry, I forget you humans have to eat much more often than we do. I remember this one time…”

Adam sat down and pulled out his bag of provisions he had packed before leaving for the Hermit’s hut. He was thankful that he was always prepared. Taking out an apple, he bit into the sun-kissed skin, savoring the flavors that burst across his tongue.

“You look like sin eating that. It’s not fair that you are taken. Does that mean taken, taken or mostly taken?”

He smiled, “I’m totally and completely taken, pixie. Sorry.”

“That’s okay. Never hurts to double check. So where is he?”

He quirked a dark brow at Tommy. “How do you know that it’s a he and not a she?”

Tommy rolled his eyes, “Please, do you think I’m stupid?”

He watched as the pixie wondered off but he could still hear him chatting away. He wanted to rest and enjoy his quick meal; he hoped the little fellow didn’t forget about him. Once he had consumed the apple and a piece of bread, he rested against the rock at his back and thought of Kristopher. He could see his brown eyes dancing as he laughed, hear his pure voice and he sang and then a sad memory invaded, the memory of the fight they had had right before Kristopher left six months ago and hadn’t returned.


“Have you ever thought about having a family?”

He turned to look at his lover and smiled. “I have a family; you, Kris.”

He watched his lovers face fall. “But Addy…”

He beckoned his lover closer. As Kris walked to him, he grabbed him and pulled him down into his lap. “I’m sorry, Kris, but you know that since we are both men…”

Kris pulled away from him, standing back on his feet. “It’s not fair, Addy, it’s not.”

“It’s just the way it is.” He sighed. “Do we have to keep going over this, Kris? We can’t change what is.”

Kristopher gave him a hurt look. “But…”

“No!” He said with more force than he meant to. He lowered his voice, “Kris, just, please.”

Kris had tears in his eyes as he felt the room.

He didn’t go to him, didn’t try to comfort him; instead he brooded while staring into the fire.


He wiped a tear away as he felt it traveling down his cheek. He should have comforted his lover that night. He should have told him it would be alright. He should have reassured him in some way to let him know that he cared about his wants and desires. He had done none of that, however, and now here he was, six months after that night, wishing he could go back and redo it.

“Are you done eating Wizard?”

He looked up at the bright-eyed pixie and pulled himself together as he stood. “I’m ready. Let’s get this done.”

He followed along behind the chatty Tommy, keeping his senses open since they were more or less on the slope of the mountain.


An hour later found them on the side of the mountain, half-way up, with no trees to speak of around them any longer. He was tired and wanted his bed more than just about anything. But he remembered those watery brown eyes and pushed on.

“How much further do you think?”

Tommy shrugged, bouncing along like he didn’t have a care in the world. “I never know, we could see him at any time or he may not show for three days.”

“Three!” He took a deep breath. “I don’t have provisions for three days pixie!”

“Oh, well, I can always go get some if we need them.”

He wasn’t even going to ask what that meant. “We’ll need to find somewhere safe to sleep soon if we don’t find him.”

Tommy rolled his eyes at him, “We don’t find him; Pegasus finds us. Are you sure you’re a Wizard?”

He just ignored Tommy and kept a look out for somewhere they could rest for the night if the need came.


It was an hour before sunset and even the pixie seemed tired. They were far up on the side of the craggy mountain now and the wind was blowing much harder here. Adam was tired, bone weary, and all he wanted was to see his Kristopher again. He found himself thinking of him more and more. Thinking of his eyes, and his laugh; his kindness and his love. All he wanted was to hold him once more, just once more, and to tell him how sorry he was, to tell him they would find a way to be, to do, whatever it was Kristopher wanted and needed. Kristopher was his heart and without him, he was sure that he would wither and melt. He was only half a man with his lover.

He stumbled and fell but picked himself up quickly and continued on, even more determined to find the Pegasus and the feather that he needed. That would leave him with the pure drop of angel’s blood. He would cross that bridge when he came to it. He looked around the sparse landscape and spotted an overhang that would suffice for shelter.

“Tommy!” The pixie was a bit ahead of him. “Tommy! I found somewhere for us to rest tonight. Come back here!”

He made his way over to the rock shelter and threw himself into the dirt. “I’m really fucking tired.”

Tommy came beneath the stone and sat down beside him. “I think I’m tired too. Going to sleep. Night.” The pixie leaned back against the rock wall and fell sound asleep in seconds.

Adam pulled out a piece of dried meat and began to chew on it. He didn’t have the energy to think of building a fire. The wildlife they had seen was minimal and he didn’t think they would have to worry about predators. He ate another piece of stale bread like he had at lunch and felt himself drifting. He was asleep before he even knew it.


The winged being looked down at the man sleeping under the rock crag and smiled. So far he had passed all tests put before him. So far, he had been true to his heart. The man stirred and he couldn’t help but hope that this one would succeed where others had failed. Blue eyes looked up at him sleepily.

“I must be dreaming.” The man sat up and looked at him after rubbing his eyes. “Are you really here?”

“Does it matter?”

“I’m dreaming. I have to be.”

“I’ve been with you the whole time, watching you. So far, I’ve found you worthy.”

The sleepy man lay back down, as the winged being sung him back to sleep.

“Don’t forget what you are doing all of this for, Wizard.”

The winged creature took to the air and was gone.


Adam awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. He felt like he had been at home sleeping he had rested so well. He stretched out his long legs and stood, yawning. He looked around and realized that the pixie was nowhere to be seen.

“Tommy? Hey, where are you?” He listened but heard nothing. “Tommy?”

He still heard nothing, so he began packing up his few scattered items. Once he had everything back in this robes, he looked around one last time, called out for the pixie again and started for the top of the mountain. It would only take him part of the morning to reach it if he kept his momentum up. Just because the pixie had wondered off somewhere meant nothing. He was going to find the Pegasus and get that feather.

Part 2

Art Prompt Title: 1016
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: chibifukurou
Beta: mhobbs0430
Fic Title: The Witch's Web
Author: wizardesslyn
Rating: G
Word Count: 2731
Warnings: Magic

Summary:  Adam and Kris have a picture taken of them outside their new shop.  Is there really magic in the air?

The Witchs Web

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A Flat Line Chapter 5

Author: wizardesslyn
Title: A Flat Line (Part 4 of my A Thin Line series)
BETA: mhobbs0430
Word Count: 2033
Pairing: Adam/Kris/Aaron, past mentions of Adam/Tommy, Adam/Brad, Tommy/Kris, Adam/OMC (Even)
Rating: PG to NC 17 (will be posted at the beginning of each chapter)
Warnings: Past character death, DID/MPD, PTSD, cursing, slash, cute little girls, angry men, bossy mothers and angst...lots of angst with a nice mix of smex and fun times.
Disclaimer: FICTION....this is all made up, for fun. I think that covers it.
Summary: Adam retreats with-in his mind and Aaron is left to deal with the fall-out. Kris is living with Aaron and taking care of Hope. How will Adam/Aaron deal with Even's death? Can Kris hang around long enough for them to find their way back to each other? Or is the line between friendship and lovers too thin to hold up under the stress?

Banner by the wonderful groffiction
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One Bad Idea - Epilogue